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Land is at a premium and if you have been fortunate enough to secure the perfect parcel for your family, then we know how hard it is to even consider not being able to stay.

However, many homeowners do find themselves in a bind, having to seriously consider whether an extension or renovation will solve their problems and enable them to continue living in the area where they have already put their roots down and dearly love.

Working with an existing structure is uniquely challenging as compared to a new home build and requires attention to the macro and micro details in order to create additions or changes that merge seamlessly with what is already there. When this isn’t achieved, quite apart from the visual ‘hiccup’ it produces, a box like effect is created where old and new clash, making your home feel even smaller!

Heritage Restoration is a detailed speciality of ours that requires a significant amount of experience. From the deft touch that's required to truly restore and recreate unique period characteristics to the very specific laws at all levels of government, heritage protection is serious business.

A renovation with Australasian Home Developments will enhance your living experience and make a sound investment to lift the value of your property and can include anything you need both inside and out. With direct access to our showroom and local suppliers, high end quality control is guaranteed.

An extension will preserve your family’s memories and avoid the disruption of moving with a seamless transformation of your home that expands your horizons and redefines your living spaces and experiences, inclusive of :

• Design and Permits
• Specialist Landscaping
• Pergola & Decking
• Custom Inground Pool
• Tennis and Basketball Courts

Our investment versus property value analysis ensures that your investment is immediately returned through a boost in your property value.


The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most used areas of a home so when they become dated the impact is felt like no other space in the house. Key areas like these need well thought out, creative solutions to put their utility and their visual impact back on the map. You need to achieve:

• Smooth traffic flow
• Ease of use during busy times of the day
• Ergonomic work spaces
• Energy efficiency
• Endurance for wear and tear
• Spectacular visual impact

Your kitchen and bathroom renovation or extension with Australasian Home Developments is brought to life by our access to stunning, unique fixtures and fittings from local suppliers and within our showroom. When teamed with the best trades in the industry Melbourne has to offer, we are confident that you will be impressed with the wow factor for years to come and back this claim with our world class defects and structural warranties.

Simply get in touch to book an obligation free, complementary consultation to discuss your particular circumstances and we can provide an analysis to help you determine the best course of action. Online meetings and quotation services are also available.



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Getting Started

Whether you are stuck at some point in your construction project, or are just in the early stages of conjuring up the dream, Australasian Home Developments can support you through to completion no matter the scope of your project. Getting started is simply a matter of contacting us to book in a time (which we can do online) to speak with our Principal Licenced Builder where you will discuss:

  The scope of your project.

  Your desired personal and/or commercial outcomes.

  Your timeframe.

  Your budget.

  A strategy to move forward.