Multi Unit Developments & Investors in Melbourne Australasian


Property Development is a business venture requiring precision focus to ensure any investment risk is controlled while simultaneously maximising your return on investment to its absolute peak.

As Melbourne’s residential and commercial property developers for investors, we know that fanning various aspects of your investment project out to multiple financial, construction and sales services dilutes your return on the numbers. A disconnected workforce of providers guarantees an increase in the complexities around maintaining exceptional, clear and concise communication, which has an automatic flow on effect to impact your timeframes and, as a result, your budget and the quality of work.

Construction is all about bringing your highest quality service to orchestrate a seamless transition from one phase to the next, keeping the budget and the timeframe tight in order to increase performance and maximise outcomes.

Australasian Home Developments can work with you from the earliest days of conception and help you to source your project, obtain finance, conduct your feasibility study, manage construction, sales and tenancy, giving you a complete solution and peace of mind from beginning to end.

1. Find you a site
2. Assist in negotiations
3. Obtain finance
4. Help with council and other authorities
5. Develop a feasibility study
6. Architectural design
7. Organise town planning permit
8. Organise a building quote
9. Assist in your building permit with all relevant documentation
10. Project management
11. Sell off the plan
12. Organise tenants in your investment properties

With Principal Licenced Builder as your single point of contact, we work with you as a partner in your development through every single detail. Simply contact us today.


Getting Started

Whether you are stuck in your construction project or are in the early stages of conjuring up your visions, Australasian Home Developments can support you through to completion. Get started by booking a time to speak with our Principal Licenced Builder where you will discuss:

  The scope of your project.

  Your desired personal and/or commercial outcomes.

  Your timeframe.

  Your budget.

  A strategy to move forward.