What do I need to start to build?

Contact our team who can provide you with a detailed checklist of all the documents that are required.

What is a planning permit?

Planning permits give permission to develop or use land in a particular way. You may require a planning permit for a new home, extension, renovation or an additional dwelling on the land. The local council is responsible for issuing a planning permit. If you need a planning permit, it must be issued from your local council before you can obtain a building permit. Our Experienced team can assist with this process.

What is a building permit?

Building permits are documents certifying that a proposed building complies with the relevant building regulations. A building permit is a written approval by a private or municipal building surveyor. It allows the building work to be undertaken according to the approved plans, specifications and other relevant documentation.

Having a building permit provides you with protection by ensuring:
• The building practitioners working on your project are registered and carry the required insurance.
• Adequate documentation is prepared so the construction can be carried out correctly and according to building legislation.
• Key stages of the work are independently inspected.
• Your building is suitable for occupation.

A building permit will specify that either an occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection is required on completion of the building work. For more information, see At the end of your building project.
Not all building projects require a building permit. Possible exemptions may include:
• Some minor alterations or demolitions
• Pergolas associated with houses
• Some garden sheds with a floor area less than 10m2
• Repair work for maintenance purposes.
Source: Victoria Building Authority

What is a turnkey service?

A turnkey service should refer to a 100%, full complete service offering that leaves absolutely no stone left unturned at the end of your construction project. This means that your landscaping, your television reception, your curtains, your dishwasher….absolutely everything is supplied.

Can you help with design?

Yes, we have a dedicated architectural team to assist in the design process all the way to building permit stage, including architectural drawing, town planning, planning permits, working drawings, engineering, soil test report and energy rating report.

How long will it take to build my new home?

Your new build can take anywhere from 6 to 15 months depending on the complexity of the project and whether you start your build in winter or summer as seasonality also plays a role.

How do I choose a builder?

We provide a no obligation free quote comparison service, which also includes standard registration checks to see whether the builder you are going to engage holds a current licence and is registered.

What is a fixed price contract?

A fixed price contract is one that has all prices for every aspect of your building project finalised. There will be no ‘provisional’ or ‘prime cost’ sums. In order for a fixed price quote to be provided your soil and BASIX tests will need to have been completed and the only thing that will cause a fixed price quote to rise is if rock is discovered underground (which will need removal) or if you seek to vary any aspects of the build.

Can we come up with our own design?

Yes, our experienced team can help customise your luxury home or renovation to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Can you help with interior design?

Yes definitely, we have experienced interior designers who will collaborate with you directly to help get the feel and look you are after.

Do I need to get council approval?

Our team can assist you with finding out what requirements are required by council.

Do I need a licensed builder?

In part this depends on the level of work needed to be done, but we always recommend using licenced registered trades so that you do not void your product warranties and works insurances.

Can I know what my house will look like before it is finished?

Our team can provide you with a realistic and detailed 3D view of what your project will look like when it is complete.

Are landscaping, pools and driveways included?

Our experienced luxury team provides the service from start to finish so you don't have to worry about missing a thing.

Can I build or extend if I have a Heritage Overlay?

A planning permit will be needed for any renovation to occur on most properties that have heritage or vegetation overlays. These regulations will also extend to demolitions, painting and construction of fences around heritage dwellings. If you’re unsure about your home’s status, get in touch with our team.