What is Project Manager?

A Project Manager is the person responsible for ensuring that the job is running to schedule and ensuring the quality is as it should be. This person will be directly responsible to the owner as well as to the builder.

Do I need a Project Manager?

Project Managers are generally used in bigger residential projects of two or more units or for commercial use, however, can be used on any kind of project as well.

How much does a Project Manager cost?

Contact our team and they can provide you with a detailed price breakdown for this service.

What does Project Management include?

Everything from a major shopping centre to the detailed construction and legal intricacies of a medical facility, right through to a block of units or townhouses, a Project Manager is the singular solution to manage the scope of these complex projects. From design to feasibility, council approvals, people, logistics, construction, sales and tenancy, they cover every single development need with eyes firmly on providing a seamless experience and top tier return on investment.